Lockjaw Product Updates

One advantage of being an Independent Company is that we can be very flexible and move much faster than many OEM or Large corporation can.  This equates to faster customer response and better products for you.

Talon has been aware that on some sites using the Lockjaw system, it may have been much looser fitting than desired or compared to other G.E.T. systems.  To fix this problem Talon has been extensively testing and working on a few product adjustments and improvements to make the Talon Lockjaw system the safest, longest wearing and easiest to use G.E.T. product available.

Lock Cavity Inserts

Product Number – LJH-I

Developed to enable the easy replacement of the lock bearing faces in Lockjaw Bosses and Cast Corner Adaptors for the Underground System.  This hardened steel insert is around 550 HB providing a much stronger surface to handle the high loads transferred through the locking system. Should the Insert be damaged then it can simply be removed from the Boss or Cast Corner and replaced with a new Insert item, returning the parts to original condition!  This prevents any need for weld repairs after the fitment of the Lockjaw Shroud System.  The Insert is now a standard feature in all Talon Lockjaw Bosses and Cast Corner Adaptors, and is available as a replacement spare part item. Please contact your local Talon distributor for details!

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Lock Ratchets

Talon has been aware that on some sites the Lock may have been unwinding, thus contributing to a loose fit.  Through investigation it was found that the vertical ratchet system with a rubber vulcanized core was not robust enough for some underground mining applications.  So Talon developed a new Horizontal based ratchet.  Using a high hardness POM Acetyl plastic core and Natural Rubber Spring the new ratchet retains all of the adjustablity in your locking system while improving the rotating resistance and robustness.


Evolution of the Lockjaw Ratchet

The new ratchet improves the resistance to rotation, taking the torque required to rotate the lock from less than 15 ft lb (20Nm) to 60 ft lb (80Nm).  Talon field tested the lock on three of the toughest sites using the Lockjaw product and all demonstrated vast improvements in the tightness of the system when combined with the Lock Cavity Inserts.  In testing here in the factory, after 40 turns of the lock the ratchet still exhibited a torque of 30ft lb (40Nm)!

Ratchet after 40 full rotations.

The new ratchet is now being implemented in production of the Talon Lockjaw System and will now be standard in all Lockjaw products.