I always enjoy travelling and heading to sunny Cobar is no exception.  It is always challenging to get there due to the remoteness but with this trip the benefits were well worth the effort.

I linked up with our Distributor (PJL Group) – Operations Manager Chris Plummer – and we hit the road to see what impact the new Talon Lockjaw Underground system was having with our Cobar customers.

We have already installed a number of fitments in the area and although early days for our customers the initial feedback was very positive.  There was some work to be done in regard to torque settings – we tighten the locks to 600 lbft (you can find this information here on our webpage https://talonget.com/downloads-documentation/installation-assembly/)  and how the system varies to what they were using before. We still need more operating hours to get full comparisons and other benefits established against the competition. To date no one has had to remove worn shrouds so we are really looking forward to the feedback on the “crank off” features!


Re-Built CAT 980 Bucket ready to go to work!

We also managed to meet new potential customers during the trip and many were keen to try our system as it seems that there has been nothing new for them to test in Underground GET for some time.  Trials have been arranged with more customers and by early next year we can see Cobar being a good reference for us for other customers around Australia.


CAT 2900 beefed up and ready to go into a one to one trial against a competitor product!

It was also great to catch up with the team from PJL in Cobar. I was invited to participate in their morning meeting with a “Tech Initiative” where we explained the new Inserts for the Cast Corners and Bosses.The PJL team have embraced the Talon products and are happy to discuss them with anyone they meet when out on site. 

I am really looking forward to my next trip and also to expanding the market throughout the east coast of Australia with PJL.


Pedr Chapman

Business Development Manager