Talon Ground Engaging Tools started in Perth Australia in 2010. The board of directors, with a background of more than 25 years of international experience in the Ground Engaging Tools (GET), were the driving force of the company developing a new concept in line with the Talon’s vision and core values. The result, a safer more cost effective bucket GET system for the market.
In 2013 to support the company’s vision, Talon GET relocated to Ipoh Malaysia, to enable stronger and closer relationships with manufacturers and was renamed Talon Engineering.


Provide the global mining industry with safe, efficient and effective engineering solutions through R&D, product design and best quality castings.

Initially focusing on improving the safe use and productivity of surface based mining machinery through the innovative design of high quality Ground Engaging Tools. Talon will grow to provide innovative products and services throughout the mining industry.

Core Values

   - Agile

   - Nimble

   - Customer Focused

   - Self Discipline / Personal Responsibility

   - Innovation

   - Team Focused

   - Respectful


Intellectual Property

Secure intellectual property (IP) is integral to Talon Engineering to ensure the supply of a high quality product to the market. Without protecting the product through a secure patent, products are open to being readily copied and manufactured to an inferior standard of quality.

The core of Talon Engineering is built on the strength of the Intellectual Property owned and developed by the business. By developing secure IP, Talon Engineering can compete in the market place with unique high quality products that provide an advantage to competitor products other than simply cost.

Business Strategy

There are already many companies designing and supplying GET products to the mining industry. So what differentiates Talon from the rest?

Secure Supply

Talon has a unique attitude to supply and sales to market, as Talon does not own a foundry it is able to align itself with state of the art suppliers who are cost effective in delivering high quality castings.

Talon has identified Tiger Casting Solutions Sdn. Bhd. (Tiger) in Ipoh Malaysia and built a close relationship and mutually beneficial supply agreement with the company.

Tiger Logo
Tiger is a unique manufacturing business. Tiger operates as a Quality Center sourcing castings and fabricated base product from local suppliers. Tiger ensures the quality of the product and completes the final processing of the ordered product, such as heat treatment, dressing, gauging and inspection, painting and packaging. For more details on Tiger’s operations please take a look at their web site:

Having a close relationship with Tiger creates the following advantages for Talon:

  • Secure high quality supply
  • Talon can focus on supporting its dealers and market
  • Talon can focus on developing products the market need
  • Talon can operate as a fast light weight company which can implement quick change when necessary.

Dealer Network

Talon’s approach to market sales is similar to its supply strategy. By establishing dealer relationships with key players in the regions, Talon can access all markets. This relationship has the benefit of utilising existing dealer supply chains reducing logistic costs to the end user. Key to this strategy is developing a strong relationship with the dealers, this is achieved through constant market sales and engineering support direct to dealers in their market place. Talon can ensure a good customer service base and again maintain its focus developing and providing safe products suited to the market’s needs.

To find your closest Talon dealer please see:  Distributor Page